Microblading Services

All about our Microblading services

Everlasting Brows is a new semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement technique, where through the manual application of inserting pigment into the outer layers of the skin, we are able to intimidate individual hair strokes, to create your desired eyebrow shape, fullness and color. The effects can last up to 18 months, after which time the pigment fades. A complimentary touch up is included in the initial cost after 30 days if needed.


Microblading is a new semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement technique, where through the manual application of inserting pigment into the outter layers of the skin, we are able to imitate individual hair strokes, to create your desired eyebrow shape, fullness and colour. The effects can last up to 18 months, after which time the pigment fades.


*Note: This is service if for clients that previously had Microblading done by another artist/salon that was not us. We will require a consultation to be booked first before we can perform the service. The consultation fee will be put towards your service, should you decide to book with us! This service is designed to brighten the previous Microblade up! We will re-shape (if needed) add or correct the previous color & basically give your microbladed brows a new boost of shape & color.


This service is generally performed approx. 12-24 moths after original microblading treatment. It is designed to “darken”up the initial treatment after it starts to fade. We go over the original strokes to add color back to the brow.


We will discuss eyebrow shape/fullness/colour/skin conditions etc. to determine the perfect brow for your face. The price of consult will be applied to your appt. should you choose to book.



Crystal Morehead
Crystal Morehead
My husband and I do odd jobs for these lady's. They are super sweet, and professional. The way they interact with people is very inviting. They do amazing work there I've never seen a customer get upset with them.
lisa nunez
lisa nunez
Got an Eyebrow wax and Tint and Eyelash lift and Tint with Sierra did a great job definitely recommend this place.
Brenda Arellano
Brenda Arellano
Just amazing!! Alana is simply the best! I went for my first visit yesterday. She did a lash lift/tint with keratin. I saw result immediately as soon as she was done. I highly recommend this place. Very professional, I got my money's worth. Thank you Alana! Can't wait to go back for other services.
Jessica Arrighi
Jessica Arrighi
I have been seeing Alana for waxing services for 6 years now. She makes you feel comfortable and appreciated but most importantly, her attention to detail is top notch! I appreciate her expertise and continued education/training. She knows her stuff!
Cynthia BW
Cynthia BW
I'm new to Reno and needed a lash artist for a volume fill. I'm sort of picky about my lashes, I want them short, curled, fluffy but not dramatic, and I want great retention - I want near perfection. After reading lots of reviews from lots of places in Reno I choses Aesthetically Speaking with the high hopes of finding an excellent lash professional in a professional, clean setting. I was able to easily book online which is a plus, and chose Aurelia based on her online reviews. I was not disappointed! She gave me excellent lashes - such beautiful work, so pretty and soft, no irritation, and holding up well all week so far! Professional shop, clean, and I was happy it is not a weird "salon suites" situation but a cohesive, well run salon/spa as far as I could tell. Lashing room was spacious and well appointed in a "vintage" building - really cute. Staff was prompt and very friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy working there. I've already booked my next fill.
lesly portillo
lesly portillo
The dye of my eyebrows lasted only 3 days.
Marianne Darien
Marianne Darien
Updated: Alana contacted in regards to my review and wanted to make things right. We realized that I had fallen through the cracks between a new service and new employee. Alana offered to redo my microblading and did a wonderful job. Everyone there is so nice!Old review: The ladies were very nice and worked hard to come up with the right color for my eyebrow microblading. We got the shape right and after a week, they looked great. Unfortunately, all the color faded within 6 months, when it was supposed to last years. I'm back to drawing in my eyebrows again like it never happened.
Maria Quinto
Maria Quinto
They are amazing. The customer service is great. Cleanliness is great service is great. Lash technician who helped me is Ashley and she is amazing very approachable and knowledgeable of her craft. I came in with very little lashes from previous work and Ashley fixed it and was amazing. Alana Davis the owner is so humble and approachable and great. She is very kind and nice. The place is so cozy and accessible. Payment system is great too. The other picture is my daughters and Sonora did an amazing job. It’s her first time getting her lashes and the experience was amazing.
carrie givan
carrie givan
I’m so in love with this business! The building & decor it’s self before I can even get stared on the owner & her staff. Though I certainly have my favorites, there is not one professional on this staff whom I would not see for any service that is offered through this amazing salon. Alana wbster’s that anyone whom she employs & personally trains are true professionals & masters of their craft. This is a crew beauty professionals who anyone would want to work with & a salon that I could spend all day in. They have also become my favorite gift to give to others for special occasions or to simply share my appreciation & love. Gift certificates of their services.
Angelina Uriarte
Angelina Uriarte
Ashley is fantastic! She waxed my face and was incredibly nice and explained each step! I wasn't sure about returning because I had a not so great experience with another girl providing the same service, but Ashley totally improved my day and did her absolute best with my face.


What is Microblading?

Microblading is done using a manual method of permanent makeup that replicates the look of natural hair growth in the eyebrow. Individual hair strokes are placed in the same direction of the existing hair to create a seamless and natural look. The results can last anywhere from 12 months up to 24 months depending on the skin type & lifestyle. A touch up every 18-24 months is recommended. Skin that is firm, normal/dry, with small or invisible pores is ideal for this technique. The Microblading technique is not suitable for very oily, mature, sun damaged or extremely sensitive skin. 

What are Ombré Powder Brows?

A shaded technique using a tattoo machine/pen that replicates more of a make-up (powder) look. The intensity of this look can be modified based on the clients personal preference, ranging from soft & airy to bold & dense. Ombré Powder Brows are best for clients who want a well defined, filled in brow, or clients that have minimal hair. It is good for all skin types, especially for clients with oily skin and large pores. A touch up every 24 months is recommended. 

Who is NOT a candidate for Microblading?

Anyone under the age of 18. Anyone that is either pregnant or currently nursing. (It is recommended to wait at least 3 months after nursing due to hormonal changes for optimal healed results) People that have very oily skin and large pores are also not good candidates. From our experience, mature skin clients (over the age of 70) may not be good candidates due to thin skin. It may be better to choose a different technique ie: Powder Brows done with the gun. Anyone taking blood thinners. Anyone with a history of keloids, or hypertrophic scarring. History of epilepsy, MRSA or Lupus. Anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. You must be a year out and we will require a medical clearance. Type 1 diabetic will also require a Dr. clearance. 

Using Accutane (must be off for one year) 

If you are currently using Spironolactone (must be off for 4 weeks prior & 4 weeks after) Anyone with a pacemaker or major heart problems. Uncontrolled high blood pressure. Currently taking oral or topical antibiotics (must be off for 30 days prior to appointment) No Viral Infections or diseases (cold/flu/eye infections) 

No chemical peels, or PRP facial or laser treatments (within the last 60 days) 

No Botox or fillers within the last two weeks. No surgery 30 days prior to or after treatment. Using any skin care products that contain any retinol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxyl’s. 

What if I had Microblading/Eyebrow Tattooing before?

If you have had your eyebrows done before, please contact us to set up a consultation. We want to see you in person and see if we can work with the existing pigment. Please don’t forget, your Face is our business card, if we can not make the brows to our liking, we will not perform the procedure, and will refer you for removal. 

Does it hurt?

At Aesthetically Speaking, our licensed makeup tattoo artists use two different types of numbing to help alleviate any discomfort. Having this service performed during your menstrual cycle may increase discomfort during the Microblading process. 

How long does it take to heal?

Approximately 14 days to completely heal. During this time, we encourage you to let it naturally exfoliate. This means keeping the permanent makeup out of water, sweat, steam, etc. Once the flaking period is complete, the result will appear lighter and the true color will come out after 4 weeks. As long as you’re good at following the aftercare instructions we will give you, there shouldn’t be a problem going to work or being in public. 

How long is the appointment?

The appointment usually takes 2 to 3 hours, and most of the appointment time is spent going over drawing the shape of your eyebrows and picking the correct color in order to ensure that your brows turn out perfect! 

What to expect during healing?

The entire healing process will take from 4-6 weeks. depending on your body regeneration and age. Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. Itching & flaking may appear during the first 7 days post microblading procedure. However, experience has shown that by strictly following these after-care instructions, these symptoms may quickly disappear. 

The pigment will appear VERY sharp & dark immediately after the procedure. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of your skin and has not yet settled in completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually. Do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the cotton pad/swab, as this is excess pigment and/or body fluid (lymph) that is naturally exiting your skin. Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, it will look like dandruff  flakes or dry skin. However this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally exfoliated from your eyebrows. The final look of your eyebrows will be apparent approximately 30 days after your procedure. 

Note that because of natural skin regeneration, after recovery period (peeling) brows might appear lighter than original. This might give you the impression that the color is fading too quickly. Often even with proper care, clients may lose original hair strokes which make brows look uneven. This IS NORMAL. That is the reason why most customers need a touch up after 6-8 weeks. NEVER rub or try to remove the treated area, as it will disturb the skin from natural healing. 

You’re too expensive, I found someone cheaper.

Permanent makeup is an extremely meticulous permanent cosmetic procedure & Microblading costs vary from artist to artist. Remember, this is your face, and the procedure is permanent! Our artist’s have trained with some of the top permanent makeup artists in the country and have over 7 years experience doing hundreds of procedures. When looking for a permanent makeup artist, do not nickel and dime your face. Please research local makeup tattoo artists, and more importantly, look at their healed work before you book an appointment. Paying less upfront might end up costing a lot more in the long run to fix. Laser removal takes many sessions and costs add up very quickly.